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== Installation ==
== Installation ==
=== Mathematica 6 ===
=== Mathematica 6 ===

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Mathematica 6

Mounting iso

One way to mount the Mathematica .iso is to create /media/iso and add the following line to the fstab:

/<location/of/mathematica.iso> /media/iso iso9660 exec,ro,user,noauto,loop=/dev/loop0   0 0

Now you can mount it with:

mount /media/iso

Running the Installer

You can start the installer by navigating to:


Run ./MathInstaller with:

sh ./MathInstaller

Template:Box Note


Add the directories containing Type1 and BDF fonts to your FontPath.


If you have font rendering problems where certain symbols don't show up (i.e. "/" appears as a square), try uninstalling the package "mathematica-fonts".

Mathematica 7

Mathematica 7 is much easier to install.

tar xf Mathematica-7.0.1.tar.gz
cd Unix/Installer

Follow instructions.


Official Installation documentation for Mathematica 6

A more up-to-date version

Wolfram tutorial about fonts on Linux and Unix