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Template:Article summary start Template:Article summary text Template:Article summary heading Template:Article summary wiki Template:Article summary wiki Template:Article summary wiki Template:Article summary end Mathics is a free CAS (Computer Algebra System) for symbolic mathematical computations that uses Python as its main language. It aims at achieving a Mathematica-compatible syntax and functions. It relies mostly on Sympy for most mathematical tasks and, optionally, Sage for more advanced stuff.


Mathics can be installed with the package mathicsAUR, available in AUR.

Using Mathics

Mathics can be used through a CLI or a web interface

Mathics CLI

Just execute from a command line:

$ mathics

Mathics web interface

Before you run mathics web interface you must execute in the command line the following (as the user who will execute mathics):

$ /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mathics_initialize.py

Then execute from the command line:

$ mathicsserver