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To start off with we need to install mesa
To start off with we need to install mesa
$ pacman -S mesa
$ pacman -S mesa

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For the 32bit student edition 2008b


Just install (might require a few extra packages, but then can be install via pacman. (I will try to make a list when I install next)

For graphical install and interface libxp is needed.

pacman -S libxp 

Install from iso file

modprobe loop
mount -o loop matu2k8b.iso /media/iso/


To start off with we need to install mesa

$ pacman -S mesa

Need to install many lib32 packages form pacman as well as some from AUR.


As one installs matlab, it might complain that there isn't a package, for the most part just look at the package name and then install it with pacman, or in the case of x86_64 there are some libraries only in AUR.

Nvidia OpenGL Acceleration

Once matlab is installed type

>> opengl info
Version         = 2.1.2 NVIDIA 177.82
Vendor          = NVIDIA Corporation
Renderer        = Quadro NVS 140M/PCI/SSE2
MaxTextureSize  = 8192
Visual          = 0x21 (TrueColor, depth 16, RGB mask 0xf800 0x07e0 0x001f)
Software        = false
# of Extensions = 144

Driver Bug Workarounds:
OpenGLBitmapZbufferBug    = 0
OpenGLWobbleTesselatorBug = 0
OpenGLLineSmoothingBug    = 0
OpenGLClippedImageBug     = 1
OpenGLEraseModeBug        = 0

That is what it should look like. If you have a graphics card but it is using Software = true then you have a problem. With the nvidia card all I needed to do to get it working was copy the libGLU.so from the matlab installed library /usr/local/matlab/sys/opengl/lib/glnx86/libGLU.so to /usr/lib directory. NOTE in x86_64 this might be a different directory.