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(Installation: php is a mediawiki dependency)
(Installation: standard way for installation instructions, see Help:Style - apache is a dependency for php-apache)
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== Installation ==
== Installation ==
# pacman -S apache php-apache php-intl imagemagick mysql mediawiki
[[pacman|Install]] {{pkg|php-apache}}, {{pkg|php-intl}}, {{pkg|imagemagick}}, {{pkg|mysql}} and {{pkg|mediawiki}}, all available from the [[official repositories]].
Instead imagemagick you can install php-gd. Also instead mysql you can install sqlite3 or postgresql.
Instead of {{pkg|imagemagick}} you can install {{pkg|php-gd}}. Also instead of {{pkg|mysql}} you can install {{pkg|sqlite3}} or {{pkg|postgresql}}.
== Tips ==
== Tips ==

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This template has only maintenance purposes. For linking to local translations please use interlanguage links, see Help:i18n#Interlanguage links.

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Install php-apache, php-intl, imagemagick, mysql and mediawiki, all available from the official repositories.

Instead of imagemagick you can install php-gd. Also instead of mysql you can install sqlite3 or postgresql.


Mathematics (texvc)

Usually installing texvc package and enabling it in config are enough:

 $wgUseTeX = true;

If you get problems, try to increase limits for shell commands:

 $wgMaxShellMemory = 8000000;
 $wgMaxShellFileSize = 1000000;
 $wgMaxShellTime = 300;


Check that php, apache and mysql uses UTF-8. Otherwise you may face strange bugs because of encoding mismatch.