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*[[Wikipedia:Lucida Console|Lucida Console]]
*[[Wikipedia:Lucida Console|Lucida Console]]
*[[Wikipedia:Microsoft Sans Serif|Microsoft Sans Serif]]
*[[Wikipedia:Microsoft Sans Serif|Microsoft Sans Serif]]
*[[Wikipedia:Symbol (typeface)|Symbol]]
*<s>[[Wikipedia:Symbol (typeface)|Symbol]]</s>
*[[Wikipedia:Times New Roman|Times New Roman]]
*[[Wikipedia:Times New Roman|Times New Roman]]
*[[Wikipedia:Trebuchet MS|Trebuchet]]
*[[Wikipedia:Trebuchet MS|Trebuchet]]

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Current Packages

Note: These packages do require access to a Windows 7/8 and/or a Office 2007 setup or installation media, consult corresponding PKGBUILD for details.

Available in the AUR:

Legacy Packages

Note: The fonts provided by these packages are out-of-date and are missing modern hinting instructions and the full character sets. It is recommended to use the above packages.

ttf-ms-fontsAUR is available in the AUR.

According to original Microsoft's End User License Agreement, there are some legal limitations when using the fonts.

The package includes:

You can also obtain ttf-tahomaAUR from the AUR, which as you might expect contains Tahoma.

ttf-vista-fontsAUR is also available in the AUR and include:

Sharp fonts resembling Windows XP

A complete guide on how to make the MS Fonts look as in Windows XP is found at http://www.sharpfonts.co.cc/ (site down, try sharpfontsAUR in the AUR). In short, install the fonts as described above and use the author's modified XML files.

Smooth fonts resembling Windows 7

Use Infinality's patched freetype2 package, and use the Windows 7 profile in the provided local.conf.