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Using fonts from a Windows partition

Let's say you have a Windows partition mounted as /windows. You can use its fonts by linking to them like so:

# ln -s /windows/Windows/Fonts /usr/share/fonts/WindowsFonts

Then regenerate the fontconfig cache:

# fc-cache

Current packages

Note: These packages do require access to a Windows 7/8 and/or a Office 2007 setup or installation media, consult corresponding PKGBUILD for details.

Available in the AUR:

Legacy packages

Note: The fonts provided by these packages are out-of-date and are missing modern hinting instructions and the full character sets. It is recommended to use the above packages.

ttf-ms-fontsAUR is available in the AUR.

According to original Microsoft's End User License Agreement, there are some legal limitations when using the fonts.

The package includes:

You can also obtain ttf-tahomaAUR or ttf-microsoft-tahomaAUR from the AUR, which as you might expect contains Tahoma.

ttf-vista-fontsAUR is also available in the AUR and includes:

Fontconfig rules useful for MS Fonts

Often websites specify the fonts using generic names (helvetica, courier, times or times new roman) a rule in fontconfig replaces this fonts with (ugly) free fonts:


to make full use of the MS fonts it is necessary to create a rule mapping those generic names to MS specific fonts contained in the various packages above:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">
       <alias binding="same">
       <alias binding="same">
         <family>Times New Roman</family>
       <alias binding="same">
         <family>Courier New</family>

It is also useful to associate serif,sans-serif,monospace fonts in your favourite browser to MS fonts.

Sharp fonts resembling Windows XP

A complete guide on how to make the MS Fonts look as in Windows XP is found at (site down, try sharpfontsAUR in the AUR). In short, install the fonts as described above and use the author's modified XML files.

Smooth fonts resembling Windows 7

Use Infinality's patched freetype2 package, and use the Windows 7 profile in the provided local.conf.