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#REDIRECT [[PeerGuardian Linux]]
{{Warning|MoBlock's development has been stopped in favor of Phoenix Labs' official [[PeerGuardian Linux]] (pgl). Parts of its code have been merged in pgl.}}
'''MoBlock''' is a IP blocking daemon that uses iptables. MoBlock is also unofficial [[PeerGuardian Linux]] client that is very useful in filtering malicous peers on P2P networks.
= Installation =
First you need {{AUR|moblock}} package from [[AUR]]. If you want GUI, install the {{AUR|blockcontrol}} (dependency for GUI) and {{AUR|mobloquer}} (moblock GUI written using Qt).
= Setting up =
== Configuration ==
Open the /etc/moblock/config file with your favourite editor.
I recommend disabling filtering HTTP connections, so find
and add <code>http https</code> to it. It will looks like: ]
<code>WHITE_TCP_OUT="http https"</code>
In this file you can also customize what lists MoBlock will use for filtering, but is best to keep the defaults (MoBlock will filter about 99% bad connections, but will not be too paranoid).
If you are behind NAT, add this to config:
<code>WHITE_IP_IN=""<br />
That will whitelist everything from to
Now run moblock-update to update the lists.
Note: If you get an error like this when doing a /etc/rc.d/moblock start:
iptables v1.4.8: iprange: Bad value for "--dst-range" option: ""<br />
Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.
Try using a range instead, so WHITE_IP_IN=""
== Starting up ==
After configuration just run
<code># /etc/rc.d/moblock start</code>
This is it! If you decide that moblock must run everytime you boot up, just add word ''moblock'' to your DAEMONS array in /etc/rc.conf
== MSN ==
If you use MSN for instant messaging, you'll need to add port 1863 to the whitelist:
<code>WHITE_TCP_OUT="http https 1863"</code>

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