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MoBlock is a IP blocking daemon that uses iptables. MoBlock is also unofficial PeerGuardian Linux client that is very useful in filtering malicous peers on P2P networks.


First you need moblock package from AUR. If you want GUI, install the blockcontrol (dependency for GUI) and mobloquer (moblock GUI written using Qt).

Setting up


Open the /etc/moblock/config file with your favourite editor.

I recommend disabling filtering HTTP connections, so find WHITE_TCP_OUT="" and add http https to it. It will looks like: ] WHITE_TCP_OUT="http https"

In this file you can also customize what lists MoBlock will use for filtering, but is best to keep the defaults (MoBlock will filter about 99% bad connections, but will not be too paranoid).

If you are behind NAT, add this to config:


That will whitelist everything from to

Now run moblock-update to update the lists.

Starting up

After configuration just run

# /etc/rc.d/moblock start

This is it! If you decide that moblock must run everytime you boot up, just add word moblock to your DAEMONS array in /etc/rc.conf