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Sync and install with pacman:
Sync and install with pacman:
  # pacman -Sy moc
  # pacman -S moc

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Music On Console is a lightweight music player. It consists of 2 parts, a server (Moc) and the player/interface (Mocp). This is similar to mpd, but unlike mpd, Moc comes with a interface.


Sync and install with pacman:

# pacman -S moc


If you want to use Moc with OSS v4.1 go to that article.


To start moc:

# mocp

This will start the server and interface. You will enter player interface. Some usfull short cuts to use mocp (Note capitilisation):

Start playing a track Enter
Pause track Space or p
Play next track n
Play previous track b
Switch from playlist browsing to filesystem browsing (and vice versa) tab
Add one track to the playlist a
Add a folder recursivly to playlist A
Clear playlist C

Increase volume 5% - . Decrease volume 5% - , Increase volume 1% - > Decrease volume 1% - < Change volume to 10% - meta + 1 Change volume to 20% - meta + 2 ect, ect...

Quit player - q

NOTE: To shut down the server:

# mocp -x