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Music On Console is a lightweight music player. It consists of 2 parts, a server (Moc) and the player/interface (Mocp). This is similar to mpd, but unlike mpd, Moc comes with an interface.


Sync and install with pacman:

# pacman -S moc


The package includes a sample configuration file at Template:Filename. To configure moc, copy this file to Template:Filename and edit it.

For instructions about customising the keybindings, read Template:Filename.

If you want to use Moc with OSS v4.1 go to that article.


To start moc:

$ mocp

This will start the server and interface. You will enter player interface. Some useful shortcuts to use mocp (case sensitive):

Start playing a track Enter
Pause track Space or p
Play next track n
Play previous track b
Switch from playlist browsing to filesystem browsing (and vice versa) tab
Add one track to the playlist a
Remove track from playlist d
Add a folder recursively to playlist A
Clear playlist C
Increase volume 5% . (dot)
Decrease volume 5% , (comma)
Increase volume 1% >
Decrease volume 1% <
Change volume to 10% meta + 1
Change volume to 20% meta + 2
etc, etc...
Quit player q

NOTE: To shut down the server:

$ mocp -x


If you want scrobble songs to you need moc >=2.5.0. You can obtain it from AUR: here or here.

First install lastfmsubmitd. It is a daemon which is available in the "community" repository. To install it, first edit Template:Filename and add both Template:Codeline and Template:Codeline to the Template:Codeline array in Template:Filename.

Now configure moc:

$ vim ~/.moc/config

add line:

OnSongChange = "/usr/lib/lastfmsubmitd/lastfmsubmit --artist %a --title %t --length %d --album %b"

change permission:

$ sudo chmod -R 777 /var/spool/lastfm

thats all.


dmenu_mocp is a dmenu frontend for moc

moc-tray is a perl gtk dock that gives you access to moc functions