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Mono is an open source, unix implementation of the Microsoft .NET framework.


First install mono with pacman:

# pacman -Sy mono

Registering Mono Applications with the Kernel

You can execute binaries by calling mono manually

mono programsname.exe

It is also possible to tell the kernel to use mono as an interpreter for all Mono binaries. For doing this, just add mono to your daemons array in /etc/rc.conf and it will be automatically setup for you.

DAEMONS=( ..... mono .... )

Now try this:

chmod 755 exefile.exe

Testing Mono

Make a new file; test.cs

using System;

public class Test {
 public static void Main(string[] args) {
  Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

Then run:

$ mcs test.cs
$ mono test.exe
Hello world!


Official Mono website