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[[Wikipedia:motd (Unix)|motd]] (Message of the day). {{Filename|/etc/motd}} 内容会在成功登录之后通过 {{Ic|login(1)}} 显示,但是只在启动 login shell 之前显示。
[[Wikipedia:motd (Unix)|motd]] (Message of the day). {{ic|/etc/motd}} 内容会在成功登录之后通过 {{Ic|login(1)}} 显示,但是只在启动 login shell 之前显示。

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motd (Message of the day). /etc/motd 内容会在成功登录之后通过 login(1) 显示,但是只在启动 login shell 之前显示。

这是显示你的服务条款的好地方,你可以提醒用户条款和政策,或者其他想要用户了解的信息。 一个简单的脚本:

#define the filename to use as output
# Collect useful information about your system
# $USER is automatically defined
HOSTNAME=`uname -n`
KERNEL=`uname -r`
CPU=`uname -p`
ARCH=`uname -m`
# The different colours as variables
clear > $motd # to clear the screen when showing up
echo -e "$R#=============================================================================#" >> $motd
echo -e "	$W Welcome $B $USER $W to $B $HOSTNAME                " >> $motd
echo -e "	$R ARCH   $W= $ARCH                                   " >> $motd
echo -e "	$R KERNEL $W= $KERNEL                                 " >> $motd
echo -e "	$R CPU    $W= $CPU                                    " >> $motd
echo -e "$R#=============================================================================#" >> $motd
echo -e "$X" >> $motd