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{{Deletion|The approach described was implemented pre-systemd. Hence, the modified rc.sysinit is gone on a typical Arch install.}}
#REDIRECT: [[System Encryption with LUKS for dm-crypt]]
This is a simple change to rc.sysinit that allows mounting of your encypted volumes in parallel, which can speed up boot immensely if you have more than one non-root encrypted partition.
NOTE: You cannot use ASK in /etc/crypttab when using this tweak.
= Installing =
Just find this section in /etc/rc.sysinit (mine was at line 164), and replace that entire stanza with the following.
= TODO =
* make this work with ASK
* add an explanation of how it works to the wiki page
= See Also =
*[[System Encryption with LUKS for dm-crypt]]
[[Category:Boot process]]

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