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From the project home page:

Mozc is a Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) designed for multi-platform such as Chromium OS, Windows, Mac and Linux. This open-source project originates from Google Japanese Input. Detailed differences between Mozc and Google Japanese Input are described in About Mozc (In short, Mozc does not have equivalent conversion quality to Google Japanese Input).


You can install mozcAUR (vanilla) using unofficial user repository or build yourself from AUR.

Note: Mozc works with ibus. Please see also IBus for installation and configuration.

This package consists as follows:

Package mozc description
Group mozc-im
Component mozc Server part of the Mozc
ibus-mozc IBus engine module
emacs-mozc Mozc for Emacs (optional)

Unofficial user repository

There is an unofficial user repository of Mozc. Add the following into your /etc/pacman.conf:

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =$arch
Note: This repo provides x86_64 packages only now.

And refresh package database. You can choose to install packages specifying group name as follows:

# pacman -S mozc-im

Or, specify package names directly. For example:

# pacman -S mozc ibus-mozc emacs-mozc


You can install from AUR as follows.

First, get mozcAUR tarball from AUR and edit the PKGBUILD if necessary.

$ wget
$ tar xvf mozc.tar.gz
$ cd mozc

If you will be using mozc.el on Emacs, uncomment _emacs_mozc line.

## If you will be using mozc.el on Emacs, uncomment below.

Using fcitx

fcitx-mozc is the all in one Mozc package available in offical repository, dedicated to fcitx.

Make available Mozc

Restart X or IBus to enable use of Mozc.

Variants on AUR

Each packages consist as follows:

Package mozc mozc-svn mozc-ut description
Group mozc-im mozc-im-svn mozc-im
Component mozc mozc-svn mozc-ut Server part of the Mozc
ibus-mozc ibus-mozc-svn ibus-mozc-ut IBus engine module (optional)
(uim-mozc) uim-mozc-svn uim-mozc-ut uim plugin module (optional)
N/A fcitx-mozc-svn N/A Fcitx module (optional)
emacs-mozc emacs-mozc-svn emacs-mozc-ut Mozc for Emacs (optional)


Though mozcAUR adapts to only IBus input method framework, macuim provides uim-mozc plugin. uim-mozcAUR is for vanilla mozc and mozc-utAUR, mozc-svnAUR can build uim-mozc itself (see Input Japanese using uim). You can install uim-mozc from unofficial user repository as well as vanilla mozc.


mozc-utAUR comes with Mozc UT dictionary and can build uim-mozc. The dictionary adds over 350,000 words into original.

  • Building mozc-ut requires long time to generate dictionary seed.
  • mozc-ut can work with ibus-mozc, emacs-mozc and uim-mozc of vanilla mozc. That is, you don't have to build such as modules of mozc-ut by the use of unofficial user repository.

To build uim-mozc, edit PKGBUILD like follow, i,e. uncomment _uim_mozc= line:

## If you will not be using ibus, comment out below.
## If you will be using uim, uncomment below.
## If applying patch for uim-mozc fails, try to uncomment below.
## This will disable the 'kill-line' function of uim-mozc.
Tip: If you will never be using ibus-mozc, comment out the _ibus_mozc= line.


mozc-svnAUR builds using the head of published svn repository and can build uim-mozc and fcitx-mozc plugin. You should not use mozc-svn unless you have any reason (e.g. for test).



See also IBus for IBus configuration.

If you use Mozc by default, set it via ibus-setup:

$ ibus-setup

Choose Input Method tab and move Mozc to top of the list.

You can switch input method by Alt+Shift_L (by IBus default).


Configure uim preferences by running :

$ uim-pref-gtk (Or, uim-pref-gtk3/uim-pref-qt4)

which brings forth a GUI.

Choose your preferring input method as 'Default input method'.

Note: Mozc will be not listed in 'Default input method' at first time so you will need to add it into 'Enabled input methods' to use.
Warning: You must run the following command whenever you upgrade or (re-)install uim.
# uim-module-manager --register mozc

Mozc for Emacs

You can use mozc.el (mozc-mode) to input Japanese via LEIM (Library of Emacs Input Method). To use mozc-mode, write the following into your .emacs.d/init.el or some other file for Emacs customizing:

(require 'mozc)  ; or (load-file "/path/to/mozc.el")
(setq default-input-method "japanese-mozc")

mozc.el provides "overlay" mode in the styles of showing candidates (from mozc r77) which shows a candidate window in box style close to the point. If you want to use it by default, add the following:

(setq mozc-candidate-style 'overlay)

C-\ (toggle-input-method) enables and disables use of mozc-mode.

Disabling XIM on Emacs

When you are using input method on your desktop and assigning activation/deactivation of input method to C-SPC, you will be not able to use C-SPC/C-@ as set-mark-command on Emacs. To avoid this problem, add the following into your ~/.Xresources or ~/.Xdefaults. xim will be disabled on Emacs.

Emacs*UseXIM: false


Confirming Mozc version which you are using now

Type "ばーじょん" ("version") and convert it while activating Mozc. The version number of Mozc will be shown in the candidate list like follows:

Mozc-1.6.1187.102  ⇐ Current version of Mozc

Launching Mozc tools from command line

The followings are commands to launch mozc tools.

  • Mozc property: $ /usr/lib/mozc/mozc_tool --mode=config_dialog
  • Mozc Dictionary Tool: $ /usr/lib/mozc/mozc_tool --mode=dictionary_tool
  • Mozc Word Register: $ /usr/lib/mozc/mozc_tool --mode=word_register_dialog
  • Mozc Hand Writing: $ /usr/lib/mozc/mozc_tool --mode=hand_writing
  • Mozc Character Palette: $ /usr/lib/mozc/mozc_tool --mode=character_palette

Use CapsLock as Eisu_toggle key on ASCII layout keyboard

All of the preset keymap styles of Mozc, command ToggleAlphanumericMode on Composition mode is assigned to Eisu (Eisu_toggle), Hiragana/Katakana or Muhenkan key, but the ASCII keyboard has none of them.

One of the solution for it is to use CapsLock key as Eisu_toggle (Mozc does not recognize CapsLock key as of r124). The following is way to assign the Eisu_toggle to CapsLock (without any modifier keys) and the Caps_Lock to Shift+CapsLock, like OADG keyboard layout.

Warning: This way affects to desktop wide.

Edit the ~/.Xmodmap as follows:

keycode 66 = Eisu_toggle Caps_Lock
clear Lock

Then, restart X or run xmodmap to apply immediately:

$ xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap


Building Mozc fails (process is killed)

If build process is failed with like the following messages:

/bin/sh: line 1:  xxxx killed
make: *** [xxx/xxx...] error 137

Make sure whether you have run out of memory.

New version of Mozc does not appear though I upgraded Mozc and restarted X or IBus (not rebooted)

Old version of Mozc may be still on your memory. Try to kill existing mozc_server process:

$ killall mozc_server