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Multilib support is coming to Arch, see:

The [multilib] repository can be found in multilib/os/x86_64 on your favorite mirror. It contains 32 bit libraries that can be used to run 32 bit applications like the flash plugin and skype in 64 bit installation.


Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

to your Template:Filename to use this repository.

TODO list

  • build Multilib_Project/Needed_Packages using the new toolchain (done)
  • clean up lib32 stuff from community (done)
  • arch-multilib mailing list (done)
  • infrastructure (folders) on sigurd for the new repository (done)
  • adjust dbscripts so cleanup doesn't kill our packages (done)
  • world domination (pending)

Developers and TUs interested in helping with multilib

  • Thomas Bächler
  • Jan Steffens
  • Sven-Hendrik Haase
  • Ionut Biru
  • Rémy Oudompheng
  • Laurent Carlier
  • Devin Cofer
  • Florian Pritz
  • ...