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What is mpd?

MPD (Music Player Daemon) is an audio player that has a server-client architecture. MPD runs in the background as a daemon, manages playlists and a music database, and uses very few resources. In order to interface with it, you need a separate client. More information can be found on their website

Daemon Install Procedure

  • Sync and install with pacman
 pacman -S mpd

Configure MPD

  • Edit mpd.conf
  cp /etc/mpd.conf.example /etc/mpd.conf
  $EDITOR /etc/mpd.conf

To make audio output actually work ensure that you have setup audio card and mixer correctly. See /var/log/mpd/mpd.error if it still doesn't work.

  • Create the MPD database. (this can take a while depending on the size of your collection):
 /etc/rc.d/mpd create-db
  • Start MPD
 /etc/rc.d/mpd start
  • Edit /etc/rc.conf and add mpd to the list of daemons to start on bootup.

Note: in case of permission problems when using ESD with MPD run this as root:

chsh -s /bin/true mpd


To get rid of timeouts (i.e. when you paused music for long time) in gpmc and other clients uncomment and increase connection_timeout option in mpd.conf.

If files and/or titles are shown in wrong encoding, uncomment and change filesystem_charset and id3v1_encoding options. Note that you cannot set encoding for ID3 v2 tags. To workaround this you may use external tag readers.

Client Install Procedure

Install a client program for mpd. Popular options are:

mpc - Command Line Client (you'll probably want this one no matter what)

ncmpc - NCurses Client (this one is very handy for running in a console) Official Website of ncmpc

sonata - Python GTK+ Client Official Website of Sonata

gmpc - Gnome Client Official Website of gmpc

Install with

pacman -Sy mpc
pacman -Sy ncmpc
pacman -Sy sonata
pacman -Sy gmpc

External links

Official Web Site

Official Wiki

Sorted List of MPD Clients

MPD forum