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== The Art of Arch ==
== The Art of Arch ==
== Arch Spin-Offs ==
== Arch Spin-Offs ==

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In biology, mutualism is an interaction between two species in which both species derive benefit. This word can also describe actions in the opensource community. This page is a collection of actions you can do to contribute to ArchLinux.


  • Who can contribute?

Every motivated person

  • What are requirements to contribute to archlinux?

It would be useful if you already run arch, but not even this is not a requirement if you only want to translate docs or participate in the forums ;-)

What can I do ...

As new ArchLinux User

  • update often (pacman -Suy)
  • familiarise yourself with the forums, mailing lists and IRC
  • read the wiki
  • discuss systems and process that might be improved on mailing list, forums or IRC

As experienced ArchLinux User

  • update often (you see that this text is reader-optimised? ... no need to remind you how to do the update, as you already know ;o) )
  • try [testing] (unless you build pkgs for distrubution!)
  • report bugs to bugs.archlinux.org
  • learn about the AUR
  • join the AUR
  • work towards becoming a TU if there is motivation for you to do so
  • extend archwiki articles, start new not yet existent articles - especially when you solve a new problem.

As inventory of ArchLinux

If you are using Arch long enough and participate in the community that you call yourself inventory of it, you have gone past a long way. In this case, you most probably know very well how to contribute and you probably already do so ;-) ... may i give you a hint? e.g. this article itself can be extended!

As a OpenSource Fan / Linguist / Polyglot

As an OpenSource Artist

  • create wallpapers, splashscreens, palettes of colours, widgets, themes with Arch as subject
  • discuss them in the forums, and the mailinglist
  • free your creativity

Where to start

As a human being, you already know how to step in contact with people. This is great and there is not much needed for you if you are motivated to get started. To help you start the easy way, here some instructions/links that may be usefull to you:



Anti Bug Initiative

The ArchLinux Bug Tracker can be found here: http://bugs.archlinux.org

Bug squashing days take place on the last Sunday of every month.

ArchLinux User Repositories

http://aur.archlinux.org Make sure you read also the AUR User Guidelines!

The Art of Arch

http://www.archlinux.org/logos.php http://art.archlinux.org/

Arch Spin-Offs