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(Recommend MyCLI for who prefers the command line)
(Recommend MyCLI for who prefers the command line)
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MySQL is a widely spread, multi-threaded, multi-user SQL database, developed by Oracle.

Arch Linux favors MariaDB, a community-developed fork of MySQL, aiming for drop-in compatibility. Oracle's MySQL was dropped to the AUR: mysqlAUR. Another fork aiming to be fully compatible is Percona Server, available as percona-server.

The InnoDB storage engine by Oracle was also forked by Percona as XtraDB. The fork is used by both MariaDB and Percona Server.

Graphical tools

  • phpMyAdmin — MySQL web interface, written in PHP.
https://www.phpmyadmin.net || phpmyadmin
  • MySQL Workbench — Unified visual tool for database architects, developers, and DBAs. Developed by Oracle and not guaranteed to work with MariaDB.
https://www.mysql.com/products/workbench/ || mysql-workbench

For tools supporting multiple DBMSs, see List of applications/Documents#Database tools.

Console tools

  • MyCLI — A terminal client for MySQL with autocompletion and syntax highlighting.
https://www.mycli.net || mycliAUR

Programmatic access