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The goal of this article is getting NFSv4 running on ArchLinux.
NFSv4 is the new version of NFS with new features like strong authentication and integrity via Kerberos and SPKM-3, improved performance, safe file caching, lock migration, ACLs and better support for Windows file sharing semantics.

Required packages

Required packages for both client and server (from AUR):

  1. libgssglue
  2. librpcsecgss
  3. nfs4-utils

Download the packages, makepkg and install them.
Note: currently pacman doesn't seem to handle replacing when invoked with pacman -U. Therefore, you'll need to remove nfs-utils before installing nfs4-utils (which is a complete drop-in replacement).


First we'll need to edit our exports in /etc/exports. A typical NFSv4 export would look like this:


/export is the NFS root here (specifying multiple NFSv4 roots seems impossible; you will need to do something with bind mounts if you want to export directories that are not under the NFS root) and everything else has to be placed under /export.
Note: the no_root_squash option means that root on the client is also considered root on the server. This is of course a security risk. Remove it if you don't need it.

ID mapping

Then, /etc/idmapd.conf needs to be edited. You'll need to specify the Domain there on both client and server, so that they are identical. Example:

Verbosity = 1
Pipefs-Directory = /var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs
Domain =
Nobody-User = nobody
Nobody-Group = nogroup
john = john
staff = staff

Starting the server

To start the NFS server, just

/etc/rc.d/nfsd start
/etc/rc.d/nfs4-common start

If you want to tweak the configuration, feel free to edit /etc/conf.d/nfs to your needs.

Mounting the partitions on the client

On the client, to mount the NFSv4 partition:

/etc/rc.d/nfs4-common start
mount -t nfs4 server:/ /mnt/server/
mount -t nfs4 server:/music /mnt/music/

Note that the root of the path on the server is the NFS root specified; all paths must be specified relative to that.

See also

Take a look at the gentoo wiki for further instructions on configuring the exports.
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