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namcap is an utility for Arch Linux which helps in automatic detection of common mistakes and errors in PKGBUILDs. namcap-reports,, is an automatically generated report obtained after running namcap against the core, extra and community trees.

How it works:

  • namcap is run against the entire ABS tree to make Template:Filename.
  • The packages in core, extra and community are put in files named core, extra and community respectively (using Template:Codeline).
  • Template:Filename takes the code and prepares the report and RSS feeds, which is then copied to the webserver.

The code can be found in Git:


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Reason: please use the first argument of the template to provide a brief explanation. (Discuss in Talk:Namcap Reports#)

Here is a list of errors and warnings which have a wiki page to track their progress: