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Nemo is the file manager of the Cinnamon desktop.


Install nemo from the Official Repositories.

Make Nemo your default file browser

Change from Nautilus to Nemo :

#Exec=nautilus %U
Exec=nemo %U


Show / hide desktop icons

# false to hide ; true to show
dconf write /org/nemo/desktop/show-desktop-icons false


  • Nemo fileroller — Integrate File Roller into Nemo. || nemo-fileroller
  • RabbitVCS Nemo — Integrate RabbitVCS into Nemo. || rabbitvcs-nemoAUR
  • Python2 Nemo — Python bindings for the Nemo Extension API. || python2-nemoAUR

Nemo Actions

It allows the user to add new entries to the Nemo context menu.
The file /usr/share/nemo/actions/sample.nemo_action contains an example of a Nemo action.
You can put your custom actions also into $HOME/.local/share/nemo/actions/.
Pay attention to the name convention. Your file has to preserve the file ending .nemo_action.

Clam Scan

[Nemo Action]
Name=Clam Scan
Comment=Clam Scan

Exec=gnome-terminal -x sh -c "clamscan -r %F | less"




Moving files

[Nemo Action]

# The name to show in the menu, locale supported with standard desktop spec.
# Use %N as an (optional) token to display the simple filename in the label.
# If multiple are selected, then the arbitrary first selected name will be used.
# Token is inactive for selection type of Multiple, None and Any (it will be treated literally)
# **** REQUIRED ****

Name=Archive %N

# Tool tip, locale supported (Appears in the status bar)
# %N can be used as with the Name field, same rules apply

Comment=Archiving %N will add .archive to the object.

# What to run.  Enclose in < > to run an executable that resides in the actions folder.
# Use %U as a token where to insert a URL list, use %F as a token to insert a file list
# **** REQUIRED ****
#Exec=gedit %F

Exec=< %F>

# What type selection: [S]ingle, [M]ultiple, Any, or None (background click)
# Defaults to Single if this field is missing


# What extensions to display on - this is an array, end with a semicolon
# Use "dir" for directory selection and "none" for no extension
# Use "any" by itself, semi-colon-terminated, for any file type
# Extensions are NOT case sensitive.  jpg will match JPG, jPg, jpg, etc..
# **** REQUIRED ****

#! /usr/bin/python2 -OOt

import sys
import os
import shutil

filename = sys.argv[0]
print "Running " + filename
print "With the following arguments:"
for arg in sys.argv:
    if filename == arg:
        print arg
        #os.rename('%s','%s.archive') % (arg,arg)
        shutil.move(arg, arg+".archive")