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Nemo is the file manager of the Cinnamon desktop.


Install nemo from the Official Repositories.

Make Nemo your default file browser

Change from Nautilus to Nemo :

#Exec=nautilus %U
Exec=nemo %U


Show / hide desktop icons

# false to hide ; true to show
dconf write /org/nemo/desktop/show-desktop-icons false


  • Nemo fileroller — Integrate File Roller into Nemo. || nemo-fileroller
  • RabbitVCS Nemo — Integrate RabbitVCS into Nemo. || rabbitvcs-nemoAUR
  • Python2 Nemo — Python bindings for the Nemo Extension API. || python2-nemoAUR

Nemo Actions

It allows the user to add new entries to the Nemo context menu.
The file /usr/share/nemo/actions/sample.nemo_action contains an example of a Nemo action. Pay attention to the name convention. Your file has to preserve the file ending .nemo_action.