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#REDIRECT [[List of games]]
This wiki page is about games that run well on a netbook along with tweaks to make them better.
== General Notes ==
Most games in this list will benefit from a RAM upgrade, especially to 2GB (the max supported in most current netbooks). They will often also benefit from overclocking the Intel Atom processor, especially a 24% overclock, that is possible with a bios upgrade in the MSI Wind U100, and possibly others.
== Native - Free/Open ==
==== AssaultCube ====
realistic team oriented multiplayer FPS based on the Cube engine
*runs with little slowdown out of pacman
**''not yet added''
==== Blood Frontier ====
Team oriented multiplayer FPS based on the Cube2 (Sauerbraten) engine
*low-fps on big maps. Kinda playable on small maps in duel mode
**Set all to low, disable all special effects
==== Counter-Strike 2D ====
2D clone (+additional features) of the popular Counter-Strike Mod
* runs without any troubles out of aur
==== Cube ====
realistic team oriented multiplayer FPS based on the Cube engine
*runs with little slowdown out of pacman
**''not yet added''
==== Doukutsu ====
AKA Cave Story, addictive 1-man-made metroid-vania-esque platformer
*runs perfectly, out of the box from aur installation
However, if there happens to be a notable lag when there are lots of enemies on screen or in larger levels, try running the windows version through Wine. It will probably fix this problem. The Windows version and english patch can be found at the [http://www.cavestory.org cave story tribute site].
==== Hedgewars ====
Yet another Worms clone, pretty good to shorten time.
* runs perfectly out of pacman
==== Netpanzer ====
Realtime Strategy game like Command and Conquer but without building bases.
*runs perfectly out of aur
==== OpenArena ====
fast multiplayer shooter based on the quake3-engine
*runs ok, you just have to adjust some graphic settings
** my graphic settings (you can experiment with that): <br>
Video Mode: 1024x600 <br>
Lighting: Vertex (Low) <br>
Flares: Off <br>
Bloom: Off <br>
Geometric Detail: Medium <br>
Texture Detail: 60% <br>
Anisotropy: Off <br>
Simple Items: Off <br>
Always show weapons: Off <br>
Marks on Walls ... High Quality Sky: On <br>
Sync Every Frame: Off
==== Sauerbraten ====
Next-generation Cube Engine
*runs with slowdown out of pacman
**set all params to low
**avoid huge maps
==== Quake 3 ====
Just quake 3 =)
*runs perfectly, out of pacman with quake3 or ioquake3
==== Teeworlds ====
a fast-paced 2D multiplayer shooter
*runs perfectly, out of pacman
*If you are using an nvidia card, or for any other reason you're greeted with a black screen: create a ~/.teeworlds/settings.cfg
and insert gfx_fullscreen 0 to the file. The game will now load in a window; feel free to change resolution to native.
==== Urban Terror 4.1 ====
modern multiplayer FPS based on the ioquake3 engine
*runs decently when most graphics-related options are low, but still looks great even with low-quality settings
* available from AUR
==== Warzone 2100 ====
Warzone, GPLed and rewritten. RTS
*runs with problems
**disable sound
**set texture size to minimal
==== Widelands ====
slow-paced strategy like "the Settlers 2"
*runs perfectly, out of the box from aur installation
==== Wormux ====
Somewhat similar to Worms 2/Worms Armageddon.
*runs without any slowdowns, present in [community].
== Native - Commercial ==
==== Rune ====
3rd person Adventure / Hack'n Slay based on ut'99
* runs great from box installation
==== Sacred Gold ====
Hack'n Slay Roleplay Game like Diablo
* runs little laggy, but still very enjoyable
* start in windowed mode
* The Game has fixed resolution at 1024x768 so you either want to play it on external monitor or you can't see the skill / action bar. You can move the Window pressing alt+left_mouse. So you can see the action bar. But then you can't see the health bar anymore. Email Michael from linuxgamepublishing.com and ask for a fix for that!!!! - would be really great if we could fully enjoy this game on the netbook!
==== UT'99 ====
First Person shooter
* runs perfectly from box installation
== Emulation ==
==== Gens-20080323-2 ====
Mega Drive / Genesis emulator
*runs perfectly, install from aur or archlinuxfr-repo
**activate OpenGL, set video resolution per custom to 1024x600 for streched full-screen or 800x600 for non-streched
**use "Normal" renderer, I couldn't find a visible advantage with the other ones
==== Mupen64plus ====
Nintendo 64 emulator
*most games are running with little slowdown (NTSC games have about 56fps instead of 60fps)
**disable "frame skipping" to avoid flickering in games
==== ScummVM-0.12.0-2 ====
Virtual machine for old school adventures
*runs perfectly, just install from extra repo
==== VisualBoyAdvance-1.7.2-5 ====
Game Boy (Advance) emulator
*runs perfectly with vbaexpress (available in aur). visualboyadvance is available in the community repository
==== ZSNES ====
Super Nintendo  emulator
* all tested games work perfect
** set video mode to "640x480 ODS F" for using full screen (but streched) or "800x600 ODS F" for using max height (non-streched)
** video filters: bilinear filter and hq filter activated here working fine, but that's your choice
==== PCSXR ====
PlayStation emulator
* all tested games (mainly jRPGs) work perfect
** no tweaks needed
== Wine ==
==== World of Warcraft ====
*runs with very low fps, but only on aspire one with at least 1gig of ram
**''not yet added''
==== Dark Reign: The Future of War ====
Realtime strategy
*runs great
**run "winecfg" and disable "Vertex Shader" and "Pixel Shader" to make it run
==== Diablo 2 + LOD ====
Hack'n Slash
*runs perfectly without any additional tweaking
See [[Diablo II]].
==== Warcraft 3 / Frozen Throne====
*little laggy, but playable (at least singleplayer)
  - runs smoothly with 24% CPU overclock, such as that offered in the MSI Wind series.
See [[WarCraft III]].
==== Spelunky ====
Indie Side Scroller
* A bit laggy, bit still playable
** Edit (and/or create) settings.cfg and enter:

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