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netconsole is a kernel module that sends all kernel log messages (i.e. dmesg) over the network to another computer, without involving user space (e.g. syslogd). "netconsole" is a misnomer because it's not really a "console", more like a remote logging service.

netconsole is mainly used for capturing kernel panic output from a headless machine, or in other situations where the user space is no more functional.

Documentation is available in the Linux kernel tree under Documentation/networking/netconsole.txt

Dynamic configuration

modprobe configfs
modprobe netconsole
mount none -t configfs /sys/kernel/config

mkdir /sys/kernel/config/target1
cd /sys/kernel/config/target1

# set target IP address
echo > remote_ip
# find remote MAC address
arping -f |grep -o ..:..:..:..:..:.. > remote_mac

echo 1 > enabled

netconsole should now be configured. To verify, run 'dmesg |tail' and you should see "netconsole: network logging started"


nc -u -l 6666