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Netctl is a new Arch project slated to replace netcfg. Users should regard it as the future of CLI-based network management on Arch Linux.


Netctl is currently in [testing]. Users are encouraged to download it from their favorite mirror.

Recommended Reading

Considerable effort has gone into the construction of quality man pages. Users are encouraged to read the following man pages prior to using netctl:

  • netctl
  • netctl.profile
  • netctl.special


Netctl uses simple text profiles. Example profiles are provided for users to use as a template under /etc/netctl/examples. Common configurations include:

  • ethernet-dhcp
  • ethernet-static
  • wireless-wpa-static

To use an example profile, simply copy it to {{/etc/netctl/<profile>}} and edit:

# cp /etc/netctl/examples/ethernet-static /etc/netctl/my-static-network

For Users Migrating from netcfg

Netctl uses /etc/netctl to store its profiles whereas netcfg used /etc/network.d for the same purpose.

In order to migrate from netcfg, at least the following is needed:

  • Move network profile files to the new directory.
  • Rename variables therein according to netctl.profile(5) (most have only become CamelCase i.e CONNECTION= becomes Connection=).
  • Unquote interface variables and other variables that don't strictly need quoting (this is mainly a style thing).
  • Run netctl enable <profile> for every profile in the old NETWORKS array. 'last' doesn't work this way, see netcfg.special(7).
  • Use netctl list / netctl start <profile> instead of netcfg-menu. wifi-menu remains available.


Official announcement thread: