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Archlinux now supports networkmanager thanks to Tor Krill. It is all based of his packages.

How to install:

for Gnome: pacman -S gnome-network-manager

for KDE: Go to the aur and build : knetworkmanager-svn

Configuring your system for networkmanager:

networkmanager does parse your /etc/rc.conf, to see if you want to have a static or dynamic ip on your interfaces. Disable interfaces with ! in front of it if you want to use it with networkmanager. My interfaces line looks like this: INTERFACES=(lo !eth0 !ath0)

So just put in your prefered config into it.

example for static:

 eth0="eth0 netmask broadcast"

example for dynamic ip:


then add dhcdbd and networkmanager to your deamons array and restart your system. You can also manual get rid of any dhcpcd processes and start dhcdbd and networkmanager manual.