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nodm is an automatic display manager which automatically starts an X session at system boot. It is meant for devices like smartphones, but can be used on a regular computer as well, if the security implications are acceptable.

The author is no longer continuing to develop, and has expressed a plan to replace it with a lightdm autologin wrapper [2].


Install the nodm package.


Now ensure no other display managers get started by disabling their systemd services.

After installing nodm, modify the /etc/nodm.conf file. Set the NODM_USER variable to the user which should be automatically logged in, and change the NODM_XSESSION variable to point to the script that starts your session. The NODM_XSESSION script must be executable!


Enable nodm.service so nodm will be started on boot.

Login session

For proper session handling, create pam.d file with the following content:


auth      include   system-local-login
account   include   system-local-login
password  include   system-local-login
session   include   system-local-login

Known issues

Unclean poweroff/reboot

Users have reported in this issue that upon poweroff/reboot, systemd will fail to kill nodm, resulting in a delayed poweroff until systemd hard kills the remaining processes.