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Tango-view-refresh-red.pngThis article or section is out of date.Tango-view-refresh-red.png

Reason: The following example is obsolete for "pure" systemd. (Discuss in Talk:Noip#)

noip is a dynamic DNS client updater for services.


# pacman -S noip


# Noip2-C-Y

Auto configuration for Linux client of

Please enter the login / email string for TUDIRECCIONDEMAIL Please enter the password for user '' PASSWORD

Only one host [] is registered to this account. It will be used. Do you wish to run something at successful update? [N] (y / N) and Please enter the script / program name

New configuration file '/ etc/no-ip2.conf' created.

To start in systemv init system:

# rc.d start noip 

And to start at power always add it to the daemons section of / etc / rc.conf

DAEMONS = (syslog-ng network netfs crond alsa! Cups hal adsl noip! Tor! Privoxy! Dbus! Httpd! Mysqld)