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noip is a dynamic DNS client updater for services.


# pacman -S noip


To configure de No-IP DUC you have to execute the noip2 executable with -C option (create the configuration file step by step), or if you want to select all hosts in your account to be updated add the -Y option.

# noip2 -C

To see more options off the No-IP DUC use:

# noip2 -h

To start the service

Start the service with

# systemctl start noip2

To start automatically at boot simply do:

# systemctl enable noip2


On systems running initscrips

# rc.d start noip 

And to start at power always add it to the daemons section of /etc/rc.conf

# ...
# DAEMONS = (syslog-ng network crond ... noip! ...)