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[[Category:Tiling WMs]]
[[Category:Tiling WMs]]
[http://notion.sf.net Notion] is a tiling, tabbed [[window manager]] for X.
[http://notion.sf.net Notion] is a tiling, tabbed [[window manager]] for X.

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Notion is a tiling, tabbed window manager for X.


Install notion from the Official Repositories.

Starting Notion

You can start Notion from the command line by adding exec notion to ~/.xinitrc or any other startup script you may want to use. An example .xinitrc file can be found below.

case $1 in
                   exec awesome
                   exec notion
                   exec openbox-session
                   exec $DEFAULT_SESSION

Using Notion

You can view Notion's man page at any time during use by pressing the F1 key and pressing the return key This will tell you the default key bindings for Notion. You can also access the man page for other programs this way by pressing F1, typing in the program's name and pressing return.

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