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Ntop is a network traffic probe based on libcap, that offers RMON-like network traffic statistics accessible via a web browser. See ntop.org for an overview.

Installation & Configuration

  • Ntop is available in the Extra repository:
# pacman -S ntop
  • Before running ntop, you must set the admin password:
# ntop --set-admin-password=password
  • Next, start the ntop service:
# /etc/rc.d/ntop start
  • Also, if preferred, add ntop to DAEMONS list in /etc/rc.conf to start process automatically at boot.

Tips & Tricks

Access ntop web interface

  • To access ntop's web interface, enter into your web browser. To make changes to the server, you will need to enter your username (default = admin) and password.


  **ERROR** RRD: Disabled - unable to create base directory (err 13, /var/lib/ntop/rrd)

Directory may not exist. Create it and make sure it belongs to user nobody