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OfflineIMAP is an utility to retrieve mail from IMAP servers. It does not work with POP nor mailbox, and is usually paired with a MUA like Mutt.


Install the Template:Package Official package with pacman:

# pacman -Sy offlineimap


Create the file Template:Filename and edit it with your favorite editor:

$ nano ~/.offlineimaprc

Edit this sample configuration as preferred, but take care that comments are placed on their own separate line, since placing a comment after an option/value on the same line will cause errors. Template:File

This is a minimal setup to get you going. For more advanced features, consult the OfflineIMAP Homepage and check the annotated offlineimaprc, which is also placed by the package at Template:Filename.


You are now almost ready to run the program. Create the directory you have defined in the Template:Filename:

$ mkdir ~/Mail

Then run OfflineIMAP:

$ offlineimap

Your mails will now be synced. If anything goes wrong, take a closer look at the error messages. OfflineIMAP is usually very verbose about problems.


Various improvements for OfflineIMAP

Gmail configuration

This Template:Filename is modified specifically for Gmail support, substituting folder names in uppercase for lowercase, among other small additions. Keep in mind that this configuration does not sync the All Mail folder, since it usually is unnecessary and skipping it prevents bandwidth costs: Template:File