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'''Oggenc''' is the official [https://wiki.xiph.org/Vorbis Ogg Vorbis] encoder. It reads audio data in either WAV, FLAC, RAW, or AIFF format and encodes it into an [[Wikipedia:Ogg Vorbis|Ogg Vorbis]] stream. Although [[FFmpeg]] can encode Ogg Vorbis with the {{pkg|libvorbis}} library, it has fewer encoding options and can be considered broken (see: [http://xiphmont.livejournal.com/51160.html Ogg and WebM technical alert]).
== Installation ==
[[pacman|Install]] the {{pkg|vorbis-tools}} package from the [[official repositories]] or install a [[Python]] alternative, {{AUR|fastoggenc}}, found in the [[Arch User Repository|AUR]].
== See also ==
* [https://wiki.xiph.org/Vorbis_Encoders List of Vorbis Encoders] on the Xiph.org Foundation Wiki
* [http://soundconverter.org/ Soundconverter] ([[GTK+]])
* [https://launchpad.net/soundkonverter Soundkonverter] ([[Qt]])
* [[GNOME Files]] can convert FLAC to Ogg Vorbis
* [http://gnormalize.sourceforge.net/ Gnormalize] with {{Pkg|vorbis-tools}}

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