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OpenSync is a framework which provides synchronization services for PIM data. Generally it consists of the library libopensync, various plugins and the cli msynctool/osynctool.


The OpenSync project provides a stable release, currently version 0.22, and a unstable/experimental release 0.3x, currently latest is version 0.39. Project access via SVN is also possible. A release date for the next stable version 0.40 is not yet announced.


Generally a mixture of different version numbers should be avoided especially between the stable and experimental releases. A version 0.22 plugin insists on a version 0.22 libopensync and a version 0.39 plugin should joined with the corresponding unstable library version. Since not every version step provides all available plugins, your choosen version of libopensync may depend on your plugin needs.

branch stable unstable
libopensync version 0.22 0.33 - 0.38 0.39
available plugins
  • evolution2
  • file
  • gnokii
  • google-calendar
  • gpe
  • irmc
  • jescs
  • kdepim (KDE3)
  • ldap
  • moto
  • opie
  • palm
  • python
  • sunbird
  • syncce
  • syncml


cli interface msynctool 0.22 msynctool with corresponding version (?) osynctool 0.39
gui multisync-gui n.a.

The kdepim plugin in the stable branch is useless in KDE 4, since PIM data is managed by akonadi. A suitable plugin is proposed as a part of the oncoming version 0.40. A user who wants to synchronize a syncml-capable mobile phone with evolution might be satisfied with the latest unstable version. Other users might prefer the old but stable branch. Since the community repo provides the latest unstable version of libopensync a manual downgrading is necessary. For i686 there is a unofficial user repository:

# Stable OpenSync packages.
Server =


Examples for 0.22 release: