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How to install Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe (Openttd)

The game is in the community repository. Install the package openttd. The rc and svn versions are also available on AUR (respectively openttd-rc and openttd-svn).

However, the game require some non-free data. Because of this, simply installing the game from the repository will not be sufficient and the game will not launch.

Files from TTD

If you're installing OpenTTD with the TTD base graphics, OpenTTD requires several original game files from your Transport Tycoon Deluxe installation CD.

The following files are mandatory. You need to copy them to the /data directory, which is in your OpenTTD directory. These files contain the graphics and the sound effects:

  • trg1r.grf
  • trgcr.grf
  • trghr.grf
  • trgir.grf
  • trgtr.grf

You need to copy these files to /usr/share/openttd/data/

Additionally, you may want to copy the original game music. To accomplish that, you need to copy the /usr/share/openttd/gm/ folder from the TTD CD to your OpenTTD directory (don't put it in the data/ dir!).

There are a few ways to get these files:

  • Copy the folder and files from the TTD game CD to your OpenTTD /data folder.
  • Unzip a TTD installation zip file, and copy the folders. This archive is available here:
  • Install TTD for Windows in another directory and then copy the folders.