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First grab Openbox Package Either:

pacman -Sy openbox

or you use a PKGBUILD out of ABS.

Once openbox is installed you will get a message to move menu.xml & rc.xml to ~/.config/openbox/ in your home directory

Check your $HOME/.config/ & make sure the dir openbox/ is there (as your normal user)

If not create /openbox directory by :

mkdir $HOME/.config/openbox/ (as root and/or normal user)

then copy menu.xml & rc.xml from /etc/xdg/openbox/ to $HOME/.config/openbox/

To be abe to log into openbox you can either go via graphical log in KDM/GDM or startx in which case you will need to edit your /.xinitrc (as user) to the following :

exec openbox

For KDM there is nothing left to do, openbox is listed in the sessions menu in KDM

OBConf is a very usefull tool that you will need. So first get it with pacman.

pacman -Sy obconf

To be able to use obconf you will need to change permissions on rc.xml file in $HOME/.config/openbox/

as root

cd $HOME/.config/openbox/
chown <USERNAME> rc.xml

The above procedure for the permissions only applies if you copied the files as root. If you copied rc.xml and menu.xml as a normal user into your /home/[user]/.config/openbox you are all set and ready to go!

Now you can log into openbox right click mouse to get main menu...

Use menumaker to create your first menu

menumaker is a very usefull tool to create the xml-based menus for a various of WMs, and of course it works fine for OpenBox

First you have to get menumaker with pacman

pacman -Sy menumaker

as a normal user you can now run

mmaker -v OpenBox3

This will search your system for whatever applications you got, and it will create the menu.xml in your $HOME/.config/openbox/ directory