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* [[netctl]] (used by default)
* [[netctl]] (used by default)
* [[NetworkManager#Use openresolv]]
* [[NetworkManager#Use openresolv]] (limited to a single interface)
[[VPN]] clients:
[[VPN]] clients:

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Openresolv is a resolvconf implementation, i.e. a resolv.conf management framework.

Tip: An alternative implementation is systemd-resolvconf, but it can only be used with systemd-resolved.


Install the openresolv package.


Openresolv provides resolvconf(8) and is configured in /etc/resolvconf.conf. See resolvconf.conf(5) for supported options.

Running resolvconf -u will generate /etc/resolv.conf.

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Reason: Provide common usage examples. (Discuss in Talk:Openresolv#)


Stand-alone DHCP clients:

  • dhcpcd has a hook which uses resolvconf if it is installed.

Network managers:

VPN clients:


Openresolv can be configured to pass name servers and search domains to DNS resolvers. The supported resolvers are:

See the official documentation for instructions.

Tips and tricks

Defining multiple values for options

The man page does not mention it, but to define multiple values, for options that support it (e.g. name_servers, resolv_conf_options etc.) in /etc/resolvconf.conf, you need to write them space separated inside quotes. E.g.:

resolv_conf_options="edns0 single-request"
name_servers=" fd7b:d0bd:7a6e::1"