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Opera is a full-featured web suite by Opera Software ASA, a Norwegian IT company. It is closed-source software, but I prefer to say it is "free as parking".

Why shoul I use Opera?

  • It's fast, stable and lightweight.
  • It's looks pretty and is very much customizable.
  • It needs no extensions and provides web browser with mouse gestures and ad blocking, mail client, bittorrent client and IRC client all in one!
  • It's got a professional touch: no software bloat, no memory leaks.
  • Standards-compliant.

Why should I NOT use Opera?

  • It's not Free (open-source).
  • It's a Qt app (requires additional libraries to be loaded if you're not running KDE).
  • Some pages display badly in Opera (although this is never Opera's fault!).
  • No nifty extensions (only widgets and user javascript).

How do I install Opera

One command does it all (of course you need an Internet connection and enabled repositories):

# pacman -S opera

Optional tweaks

  • To remove the tray icon, launch Opera with the -notrayicon option.
  • To make the menus look nice, do
# pacman -S polymer

then run qtconfig and set the polymer theme for Qt apps.

  • Unfortunately Opera relies heavily on Windows fonts. Make sure to install the package ttf-ms-fonts, or (even better) copy the truetype fonts from a Windows installation somewhere to your font path, e.g. /usr/share/fonts/TTF.