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owx (open wouxun) is a CLI utility used to program KG669V radios by means of a CSV spreadsheet.


owx is available in the AUR.

Tips and Tricks

U.S. NOAA Weather Radio frequencies (replace CH with a desired channel number): "CH","NWR1","162.40000","162.40000","","","narrow","high","no","no" "CH","NWR2","162.42500","162.42500","","","narrow","high","no","no" "CH","NWR3","162.45000","162.45000","","","narrow","high","no","no" "CH","NWR4","162.47500","162.47500","","","narrow","high","no","no" "CH","NWR5","162.50000","162.50000","","","narrow","high","no","no" "CH","NWR6","162.52500","162.52500","","","narrow","high","no","no" "CH","NWR7","162.55000","162.55000","","","narrow","high","no","no"