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Purpose of this article

This article is meant to guide (Arch)linux users to use pdf forms. Some of the information here is from this thread.

Reading and filling PDF forms


Evince (available in the extra repository) is a GNOME application that can read, fill, and save PDF forms. However, it seems to be unable to work with checkboxes accurately (As of 23/JL/2008).

For those of you who do not use GNOME, the only gnome-specific dependencies seem to be gnome-icon-theme, gnome-keyring, and gconf.


Inkscape is an image editing program that can be used to fill PDF forms by importing the PDF file and simply inserting text fields where you want them to be. Its not really filling the form (the fields will probably still be blank if the forms are to be read electronically), but should work well enough if you intend to print them.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Naturally, Adobe's Reader (available through the AUR) will be able to read and fill PDF files.

Cabaret Stage

This freeware application claims to be able to read, fill, and save PDF forms.