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[[Category:Package development]]
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[[Category:Package management]]
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[http://code.google.com/p/pacbuilder/ Pacbuilder] is a small but powerful script to automatically recompile the whole system, repos or just a single package (with or without its dependencies). This is quite useful once you have edited /etc/makepkg.conf with some customized CFLAGS.
See [[Makepkg#Architecture.2C_compile_flags|Makepkg - Architecture, compile flags]] for more about specifying CFLAGS. Install {{AUR|pacbuilder-svn}} from the [[AUR]].
== Use ==
To see actual CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS run:
pacbuilder --gccinfo
Most used command:
pacbuilder --builddeps --keepdeps --verbose --noconfirm --install $packagename
pacbuilder -Sbkvn $packagename
Run {{ic|pacbuilder -h}} to show a list of all options along with a description.

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