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Come on chaps .... I would like to start this, but I don't know enough :D. I have compiled one package, but would like to know some of the finer details
Pacbuilder is a small but powerful script to automatically recompile the whole system, repos or just a single package (with or without its dependencies). This is quite useful once you have edited /etc/makepkg.conf with some customized CFLAGS.
See http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Makepkg.conf#MAKEFLAGS for more about specifying CFLAGS.
To see actual CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS run:
pacbuilder --gccinfo
Most used command:
pacbuilder --builddeps --keepdeps --verbose --noconfirm -- install packagename
pacbuilder -Sbkvn packagename
=== Help ===
$ pacbuilder -h
  PacBuilder, by Andrea Cimitan                                                                                   
A tool to massively recompile packages from sources                                                             
It currently fetches both ABS and AUR                                                                           
  pacbuilder [options] package|repository
    --help                  print this help
    --clean                remove previous log
    --gccinfo              print current compilation flags
    --nocolor              do not use any color         
    --notitle              do not print the title       
    --noresume              do not resume                 
  (-S),    --install        build specified packages
  (-S) -b, --builddeps      build and install the dependencies
  (-S) -e, --edit          be verbose and edit PKGBUILD
  (-S) -f, --force          force install, overwrite conflicting files
  (-S) -k, --keepdeps      keep makedepends after install
  (-S) -s, --search <regex> search for packages matching <regex>
  (-S) -u, --sysupgrade    build the updated packages
  (-S) -v, --verbose        print makepkg output
  Additional parameters:
    -p, --pretend          print the final list of packages to be installed
    -n, --noconfirm        do not ask for any confirmation
    -m, --match <regex>    only install packages matching <regex>
    -d, --deplist          recursively list all dependencies first
        --export <dir>      copy packages into a dir after build
    --world                recompile both deps and explicit
    --explicit              recompile explicitely installed packages
    --devel                recompile only installated devel packages
  Target repository:
    --core                  recompile packages in core
    --extra                recompile packages in extra
    --testing              recompile packages in testing
    --community            recompile packages in community
    --aur                  recompile packages in aur

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