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This page is intended to provide a "locator" resource for all the AUR helper scripts out there - for searching and/or building from the AUR.

I would appretiate it if the author of each front end posted a small (2-3 line) description of their creation, along with a homepage link and an AUR link (where applicable). A link to a screenshot page would also be nice (if applicable).

Pacman GUI Frontends

There are many available pacman GUI frontends currently, more appearing now once pacman version 3 is libified. All the names below correspond to AUR package names, except for jacman and alunn which is also available in the community repo.

Java interfaces

  • jacman A nice Java-based interface.

GTK2/Gnome interfaces

  • gtkpacman Pygtk gui to ArchLinux pacman. An -svn version is available as well (gtkpacman-svn).
  • alunn Tray notifications of new updates and news from Arch front page.
  • guzuta Yet another PyGTK frontend.
  • pacmon-svn Tray applet that notifies the user of available pacman updates.

KDE/Qt interfaces

  • pacmanager-svn Qt4 package manager based on pacman.
  • kpacupdate Pacman update notification tool for the KDE system tray.
  • YAPG YAPG (Yet Another Pacman Gui) is a complete and fully featured KDE frontend for pacman. (unfortunately YAPG is *discontinued* since the author lost his interested in Arch. Anyway it's GPL and worth the effort to take over development).
  • Shaman Shaman is a fully featured Qt 4 frontend to libalpm. It also extends pacman with a set of extra features, a graphical configurator, and support for source builds from ABS. PKGBUILD in AUR.