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This page is intended to provide a "locator" resource for all the AUR helper scripts out there - for searching and/or building from the AUR.

I would appreciate it if the author of each front end posted a small (2-3 line) description of their creation, along with a homepage link and an AUR link (where applicable). A link to a screenshot page would also be nice (if applicable).

Pacman GUI Frontends

There are many available pacman GUI frontends currently. All the names below correspond to AUR package names, except for shaman and alunn which are also available in the community repo.

GTK2/Gnome interfaces

  • gtkpacman A Pygtk pacman GUI. An svn version is available as well (gtkpacman-svn).
  • zenman Tray notifications of new updates. Simplier, more straightforward and less annoying Alunn replacement.
  • alunn Tray notifications of new updates and news from Arch front page.
  • guzuta Yet another PyGTK frontend.
  • zenity_pacgui (AUR) pacman and system configuration GUI using zenity dialogs
  • pacmon-svn Tray applet that notifies the user of available pacman updates.
  • pacupdate Tray notifications about new updates for Arch Linux.
  • pacman-notifier Simple tray notifications of new packages

KDE/Qt interfaces

  • Shaman - a fully featured Qt4 frontend to libalpm. It extends pacman with a set of extra features, a graphical configurator and support for source builds from ABS.
  • pacmanager-svn - Qt4 package manager based on pacman.
  • kpacupdate - Pacman update notification tool for the system tray.
  • YAPG - Yet Another Pacman Gui is a complete and fully featured KDE frontend for pacman. YAPG is GPL but currently *discontinued*.