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To have an encrypted home partition mounted automatically when logging in, you can use pam_mount. It will mount your /home (or whatever mount point you like) when you log in using your login manager or when logging in on console. As a requirement the crypted drive's passphrase has to be the same as your user's linux password.

General Setup

  1. Install pam_mount from the AUR: [1]
  2. Edit /etc/security/pam_mount.conf.xml as follows:

Insert a new line at the end of the file, but before the last closing tag, </pam_mount>. Replace USERNAME with your linux-username and sdaX with the corresponding device. Add mount options, if needed.


Login Manager Configuration

In general, you have to edit the corresponding file in /etc/pam.d . After adding some lines, pam_mount will be called on login. The correct order of entries in each file is important.