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Some tools and methods for parental control, protecting and limiting children's activity on the computer.



Package: timekpr

This program will control the computer usage of your user accounts. It runs as daemon. You can limit their daily usage based on a timed access duration and configure periods of day when they can log in. The program consist of a daemon which supervises the time allowed for any user, and a client in the traybar, that warns the users about their time running out. Administration is done in a graphical GTK GUI.



Package: logkeys-svn (I recommend using the -svn version, it is stable, and it includes the latest patch that allows logkeys work in Archlinux)

This program logs every keypress into a logfile for later inspection. It runs as daemon. The logfile by default resides in /var/log, but it is recommended to move it to an encrypted partition as it will contain every password ever entered in the system. For supervision purposes I recommend using the --no-func-keys option. Also there is some keymaps in the logkeys-keymap-svn package, use them with the --keymap option, this is necessary to log the keys properly if you use a localized non US keyboard.

Whitelist with Tinyproxy and Firehol

The following description will enable you to filter any user's access to the internet with a whitelist of url-s using Firehol and Tinyproxy. For this, the tinyproxy-git package will be used, because the community package was compiled without transparent-proxy mode.

The tinyproxy-git AUR package:

Firehol is in the community repo.

/etc/tinyproxy/tinyproxy.conf consists of the following changes:

FilterURLs On
FilterDefaultDeny Yes
Filter "/etc/tinyproxy/whitelist"

/etc/tinyproxy/whitelist should hold the url-s that will be only allowed accessed by selected users. A silly example:


/etc/firehol/firehol.conf should contain the following line:

transparent_proxy "80 443" 8888 "nobody root bin myaccount"

where myaccount is my account that should no be filtered by Tinyproxy.