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[[Category:Internet Applications]]
{{Merge|Pastebin Clients|too short, please avoid duplicating articles; then redirect this title to [[Pastebin Clients]].}}
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pastebin Pastebin] services are servers that allow you to upload and retrieve text or images, they are often used to paste information into [[IRC_Channel | IRC channels]]. This article is a list of pastebins suggested by Arch users.
{{Tip|Do not use {{ic|pastebin.com}}. It appears to be the most popular site but it is slow, full of adverts, formats the text badly (it will mess up your code) and many people can not even open the site due to aggressive spam filters.}}
== Text Pastebins ==
* [http://sprunge.us/ sprunge.org]
* [http://pastie.org/ pastie.org]
* [http://codepad.org/ codepad.org]
== Image Pastebins ==
* [http://imgur.com/ imgur.com]
* [http://picpaste.com/ picpaste.com]
== Pastebin Clients ==
In addition to [http://sprunge.us/ sprunge.org], there exist several command line [[Pastebin Clients | pastebin clients]] which can be used to post text and retrieve the URL.

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