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Pastebin clients allow you to upload files to pastebin sites from the comfort of your command line.
Pastebin clients allow you to upload files to pastebin sites from the comfort of your command line.

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Pastebin clients allow you to upload files to pastebin sites from the comfort of your command line.


A utility to post text files to a number of pastebin sites using curl and Lua. Available in [community].

For usage instructions run

curlpaste -h

To change the defaults, edit


Works with:

  • pastebin.ca
  • codepad.org
  • paste.pocoo.org (LodgeIt)
  • dpaste.com
  • fpaste.org




A pygtk frontend to pastebin. Available in [community].

Depends on gnome-panel, as it seems to be intended to work as an applet.

A demonstration can be found here.


A bash script that automates pasting to a number of pastebin services. Available in [community].

Works with:

  • pastebin.ca
  • codepad.org
  • dpaste.com
  • pastebin.osuosl.org
  • paste.pocoo.org


A commandline interface for the gist.github.com pastebin service. Available in AUR.

A vimscript for gist is available in community.


A universal pastebin tool, written in Haskell. Available in AUR.

Works with:

  • hpaste.org
  • paste2.org
  • pastebin.com

and others.


Paste extension for Mercurial which can send diffs to various pastebin websites for easy sharing. Available in AUR.

Works with:

  • dpaste.com
  • dpaste.org


Client for the ix.io pastebin. Available in Community.


Client for the npaste.de pastebin. Available in AUR.


Client for the paste.xinu.at pastebin. Available in Community.


A really small piece of Python that acts as a Pastebin client. Available in AUR.

(Version 1.0) Works with:

  • pastebin.com
  • pastebin.ca
  • rafb.net
  • slexy.org
  • fpaste.org
  • paste2.org
  • pastey.net
  • stikked.com
  • yourpaste.net
  • gist.github.com
  • paste.ubuntu.com
  • paste.debian.net


VIM plugin to paste to any pastebin service. Available in AUR.


A pastebin client similar to wgetpaste and curlpaste, except written in perl and usable with wget or curl. Available from github and the AUR.


  • codepad.org
  • paste.pocoo.org (lodgeit)
  • rafb.me
  • sprunge.us
  • ompldr.org (requires curl)

For help and to display current defaults:

elmer -h

To change the defaults, you can edit any of several environment variables (available in the README), which will help speed up the process of pasting.

For temporary changes:

export THEVARIABLE="thevalue"

For permanent changes, put the following in your ~/.bashrc or similar and source it:



A pastebin console client for the site http://paste.pocoo.org/ aka "Lodge It", on AUR at https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=36523

You can find also other client/library and a vim plugin on AUR.