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Pastebin clients allow you to upload files to pastebin sites from the comfort of your command line.
== Sprunge ==
[http://sprunge.us/ Sprunge] is a basic pastebin, which accepts it's input through web requests. Designed for Linux users, it is an easy way to pastebin text without having to actually use a web browser. Not a 'client' as such since text is uploaded to it by a program such as {{ic|curl.}}
=== Plugin for oh-my-zsh ===
[https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/wiki oh-my-zsh] is a configuration tool for the [http://zsh.sourceforge.net/ ZSH] command shell, and includes a [https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/wiki/Usage-of-the-%22sprunge%22-command 'sprunge' command]
== Wgetpaste ==
A bash script that automates pasting to a number of pastebin services. Available in [community].
Works with:
== Curlpaste ==
A utility to post text files to a number of pastebin sites using curl and Lua. Available in [community].
For usage instructions run
curlpaste -h
To change the defaults, edit {{ic|/etc/curlpaste.conf}}
Works with:
== Gist ==
A commandline interface for the gist.github.com pastebin service. Available in the AUR as {{AUR|gist}}.
A Vim script for gist is provided by {{pkg|vim-gist}}.
== Haste ==
A universal pastebin tool, written in Haskell. Available in the AUR as {{AUR|haste}}.
Works with:
and others.
== Hg-paste ==
Paste extension for Mercurial which can send diffs to various pastebin websites for easy sharing. Available in the AUR as {{AUR|hg-paste}}.
Works with:
== Ix ==
Client for the ix.io pastebin. Available in [community] as {{pkg|ix}}.
== Npaste-client ==
Client for the npaste.de pastebin. Available in the AUR as {{AUR|npaste-client}}.
== Fb-client ==
Client for the paste.xinu.at pastebin. Available in [community] as {{pkg|fb-client}}.
== Pastebinit ==
A really small piece of Python that acts as a Pastebin client. Available in the AUR as {{AUR|pastebinit}}.
(Version 1.0) Works with:
== Vim-paster ==
Vim plugin to paste to any pastebin service. Available in the AUR as {{AUR|vim-paster}}.
== Elmer ==
A pastebin client similar to wgetpaste and curlpaste, except written in Perl and usable with wget or curl. Available from [https://github.com/sudokode/elmer GitHub] and the AUR as {{AUR|elmer}}.
*ompldr.org (requires curl)
For help and to display current defaults:
elmer -h
To change the defaults, you can edit any of several environment variables (available in the README), which will help speed up the process of pasting.
For temporary changes:
export THEVARIABLE="thevalue"
For permanent changes, put the following in your {{ic|~/.bashrc}} or similar and source it:
== Pastebincl ==
works with:
Supports uploading with a specific pastebin user, and can create both public and unlisted pastes
You can find also other client/library and a Vim plugin in the AUR.

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