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A gallery of wallie screenshots.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction : What this does.
  2. Installation : Getting the basics handled.
  3. Using Extensions : Optional feature setup.
  4. Script Extras : Related Software
  5. Tips and Tricks : Fun for the whole family!
  6. Hacking : How to create your own extensions
  7. Code : Code walkthrough and some design notes
  8. FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Screenshot Gallery : If you use these scripts, show off!
  10. Resources : A comprehensive wallpaper list.


These are screenshots of images used in this documentation to illustrate particular points.

http://www.taclug.org/~cmauch/screenshots/20061014-a-thumb.jpg http://www.taclug.org/~cmauch/screenshots/20061014-b-thumb.jpg http://www.taclug.org/~cmauch/screenshots/blurry-thumb.jpg

And these are just some of my favorites.

http://www.taclug.org/~cmauch/screenshots/20061013-thumb.jpg http://www.taclug.org/~cmauch/screenshots/20061017-thumb.jpg http://www.taclug.org/~cmauch/screenshots/20061027-thumb.jpg

My most recent screenshot


  • No thumbnails?

Current screenshot


http://fhatsoft.googlepages.com/thumb-shot1.jpg http://fhatsoft.googlepages.com/thumb-shot2.jpg

http://fhatsoft.googlepages.com/10-31-2006_256x204_scrot-thumb.jpg http://fhatsoft.googlepages.com/10-31-2006_256x204_scrot-2-thumb.jpg



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